Mastering the pitch

For an entrepreneur mastering the pitch is very important it helps him to arrange funding for the business. If an entrepreneur is good at addressing the pitch nicely, he can generate a lot of funding from investors. Sometimes it is the pitch that could make the plan successful. No how would an entrepreneur become good at pitching? Firstly, his vision and effective communication can impress the investor a lot. Secondly, the main factor of the business plan that most of the time attracts the investor is a value proposition, growth potential to an investor, and returns. The higher the possibility of this factor the higher the chances of getting the funding. The risk-averse investor can also agree to invest in a business if the idea is nicely pitched. This article will discuss how to communicate your vision to investors. And become a master at pitching.

Crafting a compelling narrative:

The journey of mastering the pitch starts with a good narrative. If the narrative is compelling it will have a great impact on the investors, so now the question arises here is how to make a strong narrative and what key factor that must be included in making a key narrative. Firstly, one must clearly define the jobs to be done by your product. In other words, tell them about the problems that could be solved by using your product. Secondly, tell them what the demand for the product is. Third comes the differentiation and value proposition. In this way end by illustrating the projected journey for the next 5 five years which should include the breakeven growth potential and return rate. Moreover, also discuss some of the risk associated with the business and suggest some of the possible ways to tackle those issues.

Know your audience and tailor your message:

It is very important to know your investor, so get a deep insight into their investment preference and design your message according to their portfolio. Additionally know their investment history like how much risk averse they are, in which types of projects they invest the most, and how much they can invest at once, and then try to align your message according to their preferences. Try to design your which is very much similar to their portfolio.

Concise and compelling presentation:

If it takes too much time to explain your idea. It means that it needs to be improved. A concise pitch is always more favorable to the audience. Because their time is money, they do not spend that much time hearing your pitch. Try to be focused and highlight the most important aspects like competitive advantage, revenue potential, growth, etc. Use charts and graphs for explaining your data instead of writing long sentences. Use more visuals instead of bullet points.

Demonstrate traction and proof of concept:

Many investors believe in the number and not in your statement. So, try to give some solid proof that you have achieved something like customer acquisition, revenue growth, or any partnership. Investors most of the time go for the more feasible investment plan and showcase some promising results.

Confident delivery and handling question answers:

You probably do not attract any of the investors with a low shaky voice. It demonstrates that you are not capable enough to handle the business or you just don’t have that much confidence. So, it is very important to be confident when delivering the pitch. Practice your pitch before delivering it at least 5 to 6 times so that you can remember the facts that you have mentioned without looking at the screen and trying to read it out loud. Make continue rehearsals so that you become fluent and speak quickly. Secondly, control your body movement don’t panic and walk here and there just stand straight and speak out loud enough to be heard easily. Always maintain an eye contact with the audience. It makes you look more confident. And always prepare for the questions to be answered. Be honest and transparent if you don’t know the answer just say that you don’t know about it.


Pitching an idea in a good way can make your success rate double. These are some of the possible ways to make your pitch successful. Like narrative should be strong. You should have all the necessary knowledge about the market and its dynamics. Demonstrate the data by using visuals so that it looks more attractive and appealing and lastly be confident when you are presenting your idea.